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Gori Gori clearly has an adult rating now

It became known that the production project of James Gunn - the film "Burn, Burn Clear" with the release date in 2019 received an adult rating. The creators assigned their offspring such an age restriction (R rating) due to cruel, sometimes bloody, scenes, as well as completely childish words. In Russia, the film was assigned an age limit of 16+, which is fixed in the trailer in Russian, as well as a poster.

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Mandalorean (The Mandalorian)

With the premiere of Star Wars: Episode 9, one of the greatest series of feature films of all time will end, but franchise fans should not be upset, because it will switch to a new format and begin a new story - the release date of the Mandalorets series is set for the end of 2019 (The Mandalorian), the trailer is available for viewing, the actors are also known.

Toy Story 4 (Toy Story 4)

The first teaser trailer in Russian for the animated film Toy Story 4, the release date of which is set for 2019, is available for viewing. The world release of the legendary and expected animation film is scheduled for June 19, 2019, and in Russia, viewers can enjoy watching it on June 20, 2019. The expectation rating for the premiere on KinoPoisk is 90%.

20+ time travel movies and TV shows

The stories of people who managed to subjugate their time are breathtaking. Each of us would like to return to the past for a short while to correct stupid mistakes or warn ourselves of impending disaster. Each of us would like to look into the future with at least one peep to find out what the technologies will look like in a few decades and how our destiny will turn out.

The Lord of the Rings series - the latest filming and budget news

The latest news about the filming of the series The Lord of the Rings, whose budget exceeded all expectations, shock fans who thought that the production of the project would begin in August 2019 in Scotland. It turned out that the Amazon studio again managed to hold all the fans, and the shooting process will take place ... in New Zealand, and Amazon was secretly preparing for the start of filming, which can begin in July 2019.

A Rainy Day in New York

Fans of Woody Allen waited for the announcement of the list of actors of the film “Rainy Day in New York” (2019) and the exact release date (the trailer is available below), work on the painting ended in the fall of 2017. Earlier, the director filed a lawsuit against Amazon in the amount of $ 68 million for the fact that the corporation prevented the release of the picture.

10 TV shows filmed by the coolest directors

TV shows have long ceased to be entertainment exclusively for housewives. Now these are well-thought-out stories that we are ready to watch all night, risking being late for work later. And increasingly, behind the cunning storylines are not nameless screenwriters, but cult directors. We suggest evaluating a selection of TV shows from film masters.

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New Foreign Horror - Part 2

When viewing the novelties of modern horror, goosebumps run dry and throat dries up, but this further fascinates the viewer. There are many psychological techniques that cause blood to freeze - for example, a sharp change in the musical range, and, of course, heartbreaking cries of victims who fell into the hands of psychopathic maniacs.

Films about sea monsters

What secrets keep the deep sea? The oceans are a real mystery even to the scientists themselves. Every few years they discover new species of marine life. Such mystery allows you to think about who else can hide in the dark and uncharted waters. The fantasy of directors knows no bounds.

5 high-rated Russian detective series

Adore Sherlock and seriously think that Russian directors will never be able to shoot something like that? Perhaps you are right about something. But we will try to convince you. We talk about 5 Russian detective series with a high rating. Intricate plot and a good game of actors on the background of domestic locations - what could be more crazy?

Three X 4 (xXx 4)

Most recently, the creators released the third part of the Three X franchise, which, incidentally, critics did not accept too friendly. And now, for 2020, the release date of the film "Three X 4" ("xXx 4") with famous actors; movie trailer has not been released yet. The project expectation rating is estimated at 86%.

10 best TV shows not for TV

Twenty years ago, the word "series" was firmly associated with television. From Santa Barbara to Broken Street Streets. Where to watch the next episode of your favorite series? Such a question did not even arise - people just took the remote control, checked the TV program and clicked the desired button. Today, after only a few decades, the streaming services and online movie theaters have firmly taken over the TV market.

Captain Marvel defeated Wonder Woman at the box office

To spite all the haters and simply dissatisfied spectators, as well as the huge scandal, the box office of the movie "Captain Marvel" (2019), which marked the beginning of projects with leading female characters from the Marvel film studio, exceeded the amount of $ 910,000,000 and was about to approach the mark in a billion! This means that the film of Marvel’s cinematic universe simply tore its rivals for rent, as well as a movie similar to it, where the focus is on a female superhero from DC's rival studio Wonder Woman (2017), which raised $ 821,000,000.

Is it difficult to work as a stewardess

Petersburger Anastasia Mandzhos abandoned a career in finance and business for the sake of working as a flight attendant at Emirates Airline. The girl said that she likes the most in her profession, what is worth paying attention to when traveling, and is it difficult to work as a flight attendant. So, you have two higher education in finance - is that true?

10 great movie releases to watch at home tonight

Every year, cinema lovers become witnesses of a fairly large number of films appearing on the screens. In order to understand all the new products that came out, it takes a lot of time and desire. What if there are none? To do this, it will be enough to familiarize yourself with the review that we have prepared especially for moviegoers.

Top 10 films about love

The world is ruled by love, which absorbs everything around. It is not only beautiful and exciting, but also able to plunge people into the whirlpool of the most unexpected events and the world of magic. It is different for everyone. For some, romantic feelings bring a lot of happiness and excitement, while others experience love with suffering and unbearable torment, behind which lies the same ancient feeling.

Extraordinary photo session of Hollywood actors for W Magazine

The publication W Magazine decided to devote a whole issue to famous people from the world of big cinema, and the famous fashion photographer Tim Walker made incredible efforts so that we could see a photo shoot with a whole list of different celebrities. El and Dakota Fanning Tommy Lee Jones Eddie Redmayne Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Bill Hader Bradley Cooper David Oyelowo Imogen Poots Jack O'Connell Jenny Slate Jessica Chastain J.