Killing Eve - All About Season 3

The release date of season 3 of the series "Killing Eve" is set for 2020, the actors, the plot of the film are announced, the trailer for the new season will be released closer to the premiere. The creators finished the 2nd season with a very intriguing scene, so the fans have no idea how the further relations of the main characters will develop.

Rating of the series: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 8.3.


Killing eve

USA, UK, Italy

Genre: thriller drama

Producer: Damon Thomas, John East, Harry Bradbear and others.

Season 3 release date: 2020

Cast: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia, Owen McDonnell, Sean Delaney, Kirby Howell-Baptist, Edward Blumel, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Nina Sosanya and others.

The sequel will continue to reveal the relationship of Agent Eve and the killer Villanelle, but the hunt will continue. Will women be able to bring their plans to their logical conclusion?


Eve is a security agent with an outstanding mind whose paper work did not justify her desire to be a real spy. Villanelle is a talented killer clinging to the luxury that her work gives. These two cruel women, equally obsessed with each other, must fight in the epic game of cat and mouse.

In season two, Eva was again recruited by MI5, an intelligence agency, to find out about the murder of the tycoon who involved Villanelle. The only thing that both girls crave is the death of each other, and Villanelle still achieves her goal - in the season finale, Eve is bleeding from a wound inflicted by a Russian killer. Will the heroine survive? And if so, what will Villanelle's next move be? Perhaps she will save Eve by not wanting to finish their game so early.

But there are still such unresolved issues:

  • What happened to Hugo after the "cleaning operation"?
  • Did Caroline really give Constantine the whereabouts of his family, or is she a real villain?
  • What will Nico do now?
  • Will a mysterious member of the Villanelle family appear in the series?

We will find out the answers in the new season. The continuation of the series will reveal detailed details about the fate of the heroes.

Director and shooting

The director's place of the project was:

  • Damon Thomas ("In the Flesh", "Sirens", "Scary Tales");
  • John East (Last Kingdom, Jamestown, Lucky);
  • Harry Bradbier ("Hour", "Rubbish", "Empty words", "No offense");
  • Lisa Bruhlmann (Special Forces Cobra, Crime Scene);
  • Francesca Gregorini ("Tanner Hall", "People", "Chambers").

The script is based on the novels by Luke Jennings "Codename Villanelle", the plot for television screens adapted:

  • Phoebe Waller Bridge ("Good Learning", "Iron Lady", "Rubbish");
  • George Kay ("My Crazy Diary", "Hour").

Produced by:

  • Sally Woodward Gentle (Modern Ripper, Enid, Darrell);
  • Lee Morris (Enid, Da Vinci Demons, Darrell);
  • Adrian Kelly (Alfie Hopkins, 1066).

For the installation responsible:

  • Dan Crinnion (Beowulf, Courtesans, The Last Kingdom);
  • Gary Dollner ("In the thick of things", "The Power of Art", "Vice President");
  • Colin Fair ("Shameless", "In the Flesh", "Skins").

In the third season, the new screenwriter Susan Heathcote (“Fear the Walking Dead”) joined the cast. Phoebe Waller Bridge, the creator of the series, is pleased that Susan has arrived and that the project is now in her "murderous hands."

The filming process of the series took place in Budapest, Romania; Tuscany, Italy; London, England. When will the series be released, and how many episodes will it contain? Fans are already in anticipation - the 3rd season will consist of 8 episodes, and its premiere will most likely take place in April 2020, since before that all the premieres of the series were scheduled for April (season 1 - April 8, 2018, season 2 - April 7, 2019). So the release date for the continuation can be expected as early as April 5, 2020.

Actors and roles

In the third season, they will return to us:

  • Sandra O as Eva Polastri (“Anatomy of Passion”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “Mr. Bean”, “Red Violin”, “American Crime”, “Women's Fight”);
  • Jody Comer as Villanelle (The White Princess, Dr. Foster, My Crazy Diary, England Belongs To Me);
  • Fiona Shaw as Caroline Martens (True Blood, The Dark Kingdom, Rubbish, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Mrs. Wilson);
  • Kim Bodnia in the role of Konstantin ("The One Who Kills", "Quick Trunks", "Dealer", "Revenge", "Killing", "Serena");
  • Owen McDonnell as Nico Polastri ("A few minutes after midnight," "Alone");
  • Sean Delaney as Kenny Stouten (Purely English Kills);
  • Kirby Howell-Baptist as Helena Felton (Resident Lies, Dog Life, In a Better World, Towards Darkness);
  • Edward Blumel in the role of Hugo ("Sex Education", "Passenger", "Alkion", "Discovery of the Witches");
  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Aaron Peel (The Overgrown, End of the Parade, Les Miserables, The Last Witness);
  • Nina Sosanya in the role of Jess ("Real Love", "Casanova", "Code Red", "Good Signs").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Sandra Oh said that she had been “waiting” for such a bloody role for 30 years. However, when she first read the script, she had no idea who she would play, assuming that it would be a doctor or some similar minor role, usually attributed to Asian actresses. Needless to say, she was thrilled when her agent Nancy Gates assured her that the actress would play Eve.
  • For her performance of Eva, Sandra O was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress on TV (Drama) in 2019.
  • The name of each episode is taken from the phrase spoken by the character in the same episode.
  • Fiona Shaw is Irish, and initially she wanted to give her character Caroline Martens a top-class Irish accent, but the producers rejected her offer.

The trailer for the 3rd season of the series "Killing Eve" (2020), the release date, the actors and the plot of which are known, should reveal whether Eve was alive and how her future fate developed. Fans hope that the creators did not dare to bring the name of the series to life and spared their beloved heroine.

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