Greyhound - Tom Hanks war drama about the destroyer of the Second World War

The shooting of the film "The Hound / Greyhound" (2020) with famous actors, the release date in Russia and the plot (the official trailer has not yet been released) ended in 2018. That's just the studio-producer decided to postpone the world premiere from 2019 to May 2020, so that our viewers can enjoy the tape with Tom Hanks in the title role, probably in the same period of time as the whole world.

The rating of the film's expectations (KinoPoisk) is 97%.



Genre: military drama

Producer: Aaron Schneider

World Release Date: May 6, 2020

Cast: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Shue, Karl Glusman, Stephen Graham, Tom Brittney, Lee Norris, Rob Morgan, Maximilian Osinsky, Manuel Rulfo, Grayson Russell and others.

Budget: 50.3 million dollars.

During World War II, many people who did not know anything about military operations before became commanders of units. Ernst Krause, who now has to deal with the destroyer Greyhound and his team, was no exception.


This story revolves around the exploits of a virtually unknown American naval officer who became a hero. In 1942, Ernst Krause was appointed to the post of destroyer captain. The hero was given a dangerous mission - to lead several ships through the waters of the North Atlantic. That's just this territory is crowded with enemy submarines. In order to escape from the persecution and save the crew, the commander will have to show a number of skills and talents, but he has never been to war ...

Director and shooting

The director of the project was Aaron Schneider, known for such works: "The Best", "Supernatural", "Kissing Girls", "Two Soldiers", "Bury Me Alive." The script is based on the book by K.S. Forester's "Good Shepherd", and adapted it by Tom Hanks, who became the producer and lead actor in the film.

Aaron Schneider, C.S. Forester, Tom Hanks

Also producers are:

  • Gary Goetzman (John Adams, What Olivia Knows, Silence of the Lambs, Sphere);
  • Jason Clot ("Isn't it romantic?", "Drug Courier", "Simple Request");
  • David Quotsworth (Sixth Day, Gotti, What Olivia Knows, Wild West World);
  • Aaron L. Gilbert ("Uncontrollable", "Drug Courier", "Perspective", "Children's Games").

The installation was in charge of Mark Chizhevsky (Parkland, My Big Greek Wedding 2) and Sidney Wolinsky (Underground Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Rome, Soprano Clan, Water Form). The main filming process took place in the United States: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Los Angeles, as well as on board the USS Kidd.

Sony has postponed the release date of the film Greyhound with Tom Hanks, who will play the commander of the US Navy, from the original release date of 2019 until 2020. This is due to the fact that the creators wanted to avoid competition with the films "We" by Jordan Peel and "Captain Marvel" Anna Boden.


The following Western actors starred in the film:

  • Tom Hanks as Ernst Krause (Forrest Gump, The Green Mile, The Outcast, Rescue Private Ryan, Inferno, Miracle on the Hudson, Spy Bridge Toy Story 4);
  • Elizabeth Shue (The Habit of Marrying, Dreamer, Back to the Future 2, Leaving Las Vegas, The Conquerors of the Waves, Blunt Says, Battle of the Sexes, Craving for Death);
  • Karl Glusman ("Starship Troopers: Invasion", "Love", "Coals", "Neon Demon", "Under the Cover of Night", "Gypsy");
  • Stephen Graham (Brothers in Arms, Big Jackpot, Gangs of New York, Underground Empire, Save Me, Driver, Rocketman);
  • Tom Brittney (Catastrophe, Doctors, Call the Midwife, Syndicate, Alien, Unreal Bachelor, People, Five);
  • Lee Norris (Dawson's Creek, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, The Zodiac, The Walking Dead, Disappeared);
  • Rob Morgan ("The Punisher", "In sight", "Daredevil", "Very strange things", "Farm Mudbound", "Forgotten by God ...");
  • Maximilian Osinsky (People Like Us, Shameless, New Amsterdam, Time, The Last Ship);
  • Manuel Rulfo (“Cake”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Goliath”, “Communication”, “Killer 2: Against All”, “Widows”);
  • Grayson Russell ("Unbearable Ladies", "I'm in a Rock Band", "Wimp Diary", "Space Warriors") and others.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Part of the filming of this film was made on board Her Majesty's Canadian ship Montreal in the North Atlantic in January 2018. 9 people participated in the filming, and there were 10 cameras on board;
  • This is the second film about the Second World War, in which Tom Hanks will star in the lead role. The first is "Saving Private Ryan" by Stephen Spielberg.

Fans of the work of Tom Hanks have to wait for the announcement of the exact release date in Russia and the release of the trailer for the movie "The Hound / Greyhound" (2020), the actors, the plot of which was announced, and the shooting ended in 2018. But how can an officer who has never been a participant in hostilities cope with the command of an entire destroyer and save the lives of his subordinates? We learn in 2020.

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