Batman (2021) - Pattinson contract, filming in London and other news

Twilight Star Robert Pattinson Formally Signs Warner Brothers "Batman "directed by Matt Reeves. Let's talk about the latest news and rumors of the casting, the start of production and the plot of" Batman "(2021).

Pattinson fashion returns

Pattinson is heard again. He starred in Christopher Nolan’s big spy blockbuster (Tennet") and officially assigned to the role of the dark knight. He also flashed in the black and white horror Lighthouse ("The Lighthouse"), which was shown in May at the Cannes Film Festival.

It is unlikely that in the wake of success, he will be upset that 4 petitions were signed on against his appointment to this role. Affleck in this role did not favor much more.

Against the appointment of Ben Affleck for the role of Batman, more than 30 petitions were signed in the very first 24 hours after the publication of the news.

But it's not just Twilight." and schoolgirls

He just has an outstanding chin

Reeves is known to need a younger Batman for his new detective story. The film will take place in the 90s in the United States. But another reason for this choice was called by the actor Willem Dafoe.

Listen, really, why not? Pattinson has an outstanding chin. And this is an important detail. Is it possible to imagine Batman without a pronounced chin?

Indeed, the chin is that part of the face that is not hidden by the mask. But this part can say a lot about the hero. Psychologists are sure that a pronounced chin in a man indicates an independent, strong-willed character.

Time is running out. It's time to shoot

The film should be released in the summer of 2021. This means that it is time to shoot it. So far, no official start date has been set, but the publication "Variety" claims that pre-production starts this summer. This implies not only preparation for the shooting, but also the completion of the casting.

But the Internet portal Animatedtimes reports with reference to Uk Production news that the filming will begin soon. Allegedly, this will happen this fall, and it is in London. It is worth recalling that back in 2017, there were rumors about the filming date - November 2019.

On trial ... butler

We have already said that the villains in the film should be Penguin and Catwoman. And perhaps not the only ones. Moreover, it implies a new trilogy (already the fourth). But casting has to start with ... Of course, with the Bruce Wayne family. In addition, the restart will be complete and the previous performer of the role of butler Alfred Pennyworth will not return to filming.

In the films Batman vs. Superman" and Justice League" Alfred’s butler was played by actor Jeremy Irons.

As for the Wayne family, it is likely director Matt Reeves will take into the picture those with whom he worked on the set of Planet of the Apes". Who are these people?

  • Thomas Wayne can play Jason Clark (Planet of the Apes: Revolution, Terminator: Genesis")
  • Marty Wayne can play Cary Russell (Planet of the Apes: Revolution, TV series "Felicity").
  • The role of Alfred, allegedly, they want to offer Richard E. Grant. He played supporting roles in such films as "Warlock", "Dracula Bram Stoker", "Logan".

We will keep you updated on the latest casting news and the plot of the film as Batman 2021 progresses.

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