New film with Emilia Clarke as a poetess with a difficult fate

The career of the Game of Thrones actors does not end after season 8, so fans will be able to see their favorite Emilia Clarke as the famous poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning in the new melodrama “Let Me Count”, the release date of the film is expected in 2020 or 2021, the actors have not yet begun filming, so the trailer will be presented later closer to the premiere.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways "...

Let Me Count the Ways

Genre: drama, biography, melodrama

Producer:Björn Runge

World Release Date: 2020 year

Premiere in Russia: 2020 year

Actors: Emilia Clark

The film is based on real events - this is the period from the life of the British poetess Elizabeth Barrett (1806 - 1861), when she met the love of her life and died on his hands in 1861 in Florence.


London, mid-19th century. Elizabeth, known as a successful poetess, but at the same time weakened by a mysterious chronic lung disease, lives almost in isolation. Subtlely sensitive and impressionable, she leads a hermit life and has a pernicious craving for drugs, opium. Substances help her escape from reality and nervous breakdowns, in addition, Barrett has not written anything for a long time, digging every day deeper his talent for writing.

But once a girl met a promising and energetic philosopher and playwright Robert Browning. Browning was fascinated by her poems, and on January 10, 1845, dared to write a letter to her - and so began their famous love correspondence. Young people begin a love affair, and Elizabeth even returns inspiration for writing new works. But the widowed tyrant father Barrett interferes with the happiness of lovers, controlling every step of his daughter and fearing to lose his power over her. However, this does not prevent Robert and Elizabeth from getting married secretly (the poet was then 40 years old). After that, Barrett makes himself a double surname - Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the happy couple moves from London to Florence.

Director and shooting

The director’s chair was occupied by Björn Runge (“And Tomorrow Comes”, “Wife”, “Made in Hollywood”), the screenwriter was Paula Milne (“Under the Same Sky”, “End of the Game”, “Inheritance”), producer - Damien Jones ( Goodbye Christopher Robin). According to Jones, the audience is waiting for the "classic love story", in some places, perhaps sudden, but relevant to the modern world.

“I am very happy that I have the opportunity to go on this journey with such an outstanding film crew,” - Damian Jones.

Björn Runge, Damian Jones

Bankside Films took over the production of the film.

“We are very glad that we can bring these most irresistible love stories to the world, and we have the privilege to do this with such a talented team of people, both on screen and behind the scenes,” - Stephen Kellicher (“Burden”, “The Other”) from Bankside.


So far, it has been officially announced that Emilia Clarke will play the main role ("The Garden of Latter Days", "Game of Thrones", "Last Christmas"), the actor who will reincarnate as Robert Browning has not yet been confirmed.

Interesting Facts

What is interesting to know about the film:

  • The name of the film comes from Barrett's poem "How I Love You. I Love Without Measure";
  • Already at 10 years old Elizabeth composed poems for family holidays, at 13 years old wrote the epic poem "The Battle of Marathon" (1820), and at 18 - the philosophical poem "Experience on the Mind" (1826). And in 1833 (at age 27) translated Aeschylus’s tragedy “Chained Prometheus”. But while the literary career continued to flourish, her health deteriorated greatly;
  • The peak of the poet's popularity came in the 1850s with the release of the collection of love poems "Sonnets from the Portuguese";
  • At 55, Elizabeth died in the arms of her beloved husband due to an exacerbation of pulmonary disease.

"How I love? Let me count.
I love you both in depth and in breadth and up
My soul while life rejoices
And grace burns with light feelings. ”- excerpt from the poem of E. B.“ How Do I Love Thee? ”.

While the exact release date of the movie “Let Me Count” is not known, the premiere can be expected in 2020 or 2021, the castes of the actors are not officially announced, the trailer will also be released later.