World War I Films

The list of foreign and Russian films about the First World War is annually updated; the top features the best films telling about the military conflict at the beginning of the 20th century and its consequences.

Paschendal: The Last Battle (Passchendaele) 2008

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.7; IMDb - 6.5

Over 200 stuntmen took part in the filming.

The picture tells about one of the most brutal battles of the First World War - the battle for Pashendal. Many soldiers simply drowned in the mud due to heavy rains, and did not have time to fight their enemy. At the center of the story is Sergeant Michael Dunn, who is tired of the horrors of a bloody war. He no longer has the strength to fight. But he is forced to rush into the thick of things in order to save his children and the younger brother of a nurse, whom he is deeply in love with.

Lawrence of Arabia 1962

Rating: Kinopoisk - 8.0; IMDb - 8.3

There is not a single woman in the picture (except for the one that appears for a few seconds near Prince Faisal).

In the center of the story is the English intelligence officer Thomas Edward Lawrence, who won fame in the Arabian desert. He was called both a hero and a sadist. The hero began his journey in 1916. Lawrence went to investigate the Arab rebellion against the Turks and then organized his own partisan detachment. For two years, Lawrence, together with his army, raided the Turks, and then led a detachment to the northern lands and helped the English people destroy the Ottoman Empire.

Apocalypse: World War I (Apocalypse la 1ère Guerre mondiale) 2014

Rating: Kinopoisk - 8.5; IMDb - 8.9

This film was created on the basis of restored in color and voiced unique archived video materials that were not previously shown anywhere.

The viewer will be transferred to the center of hostilities, from the trenches of northern France to the military fronts located in Serbia, Turkey, Palestine and Russia. The film tells about the daily life of the civilian population in the rear.

They'll never get older (They Shall Not Grow Old) 2018

Rating: Kinopoisk - 8.2; IMDb - 8.4

Director Peter Jackson timed the picture to the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The list of the best films about the First World War (1914-1918) contains the documentary film "They Will Never Get Older." The picture will immerse the viewer in an atmosphere of chaos and endless riots. They were young soldiers. No one knew that they would have to go to the front tomorrow. Many of them will no longer come back and shake hands with a gallant comrade. Despite the horror of the bloody events, the soldiers believed in victory to the end.

All Quiet on the Western Front 1979

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.6; IMDb - 7.1

The painting is based on the novel by the writer Erich Maria Remarque.

The film tells about the beginning of the First World War. At the center of the story is Paul, who has just graduated from high school. The daredevil breaks into battle and goes to the front as a volunteer. Every day, he sees his comrades, friends, friends, fathers of someone's children dying ... The war claimed the lives of ordinary children, and the newspapers still say dispassionately: “On the Western Front, no change” ...

Battalion 2014

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.1; IMDb - 6.6

The slogan of the film is "First. Female. Immortal."

The film takes place in the spring of 1917. The life of Russia changed a lot during the February Revolution. For more than a year now, there has been a confrontation with the Germans, and the Bolsheviks are conducting their propaganda and are calling for peace with the enemy. In the meantime, a female Death Battalion is being created, led by Maria Bochkareva, who sets a true example of courage and courage. By their own example, girls prove that they are worthy of the rank of warrior of the Russian army.

Squadron Lafayette (Flyboys) 2006

Rating: Kinopoisk - 7.3; IMDb - 6.5

Before filming, actor James Franco received a pilot's license.

The picture tells about the famous squadron "Lafayette" during the First World War. In the center of the film are ordinary American guys who, by their example, showed what love, courage and courage are. Every day they conquered the sky and fought for freedom ...

War Horse 2011

Rating: Kinopoisk - 7.7; IMDb - 7.2

Steven Spielberg reported that 95% of the film was shot without using computer graphics.

The list of the best foreign and Russian films about the First World War was supplemented by the picture "War Horse"; the film tells about the incredible friendship of a young man and horse Joey. Teen Albert loves animals, but horses are his special passion. The young hero tames a horse named Joey, who becomes his best friend. With the outbreak of World War I, everything changes dramatically. Joey is taken to the front to send him into battle with the cavalry. Albert also went to the very center of bloody events to save his faithful comrade from bullets. Ahead of the hero is waiting for many adventures that will be full of unexpected joys and terrible losses.

The Promise 2016

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.0; IMDb - 6.1

The first official trailer collected a million views in just a day.

The film takes place in 1914 at the height of the First World War. Constantinople is plunged into chaos, and the Ottoman Empire is inevitable collapse. At the center of the story is student Michael Boghosyan, who intends to develop modern medicine in his native village located in southern Turkey. Another storyline tells the story of photojournalist Chris, who has a tender affection for the beautiful Anna. Mikael also falls in love with Anna, and a spirit of rivalry begins to hover between the men. But when the Empire begins to persecute national minorities, men forget about previous grievances and come to grips ...

Memories of the Future (Testament of Youth) 2014

Rating: Kinopoisk - 7.5; IMDb - 7.3

It was planned that the main female role will go to actress Sirshe Ronan.

Beautiful Vera wants to become a writer. But she could not carry out her plan, since the girls of the first half of the 20th century should have been exemplary wives and happy mothers, and not educated ladies. Parents forbade their daughter to participate in entrance exams. It seemed that there would definitely not be a happy future, but suddenly the brother stood up for her and persuaded her parents to let Vera go to Oxford. But then the First World War suddenly begins, which puts an end to the future plans of the girl.

Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël) 2005

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.8; IMDb - 7.8

The painting is partially based on the book "The Battle of Flanders and the Battle of Artois 1914-1919."

The heroes of the film are not holders of power, but ordinary people who were on the front line on the fabulous Christmas night of 1914. This is a magical time when you should forget about military conflicts, lay down your arms and say to each other: "Merry Christmas."

The Last Battle (Journey's End) 2017

Rating: Kinopoisk - 6.4; IMDb - 6.7

The screenwriter of the film Sherriff serves in the 9th Battle of the East Surrey Regiment.

The picture takes place in Northern France, in 1918. The young daredevil Reilly goes to the front and joins the army of his idol - captain Stanhope. But he is surprised to learn that Stanhope is far from being the same as before. If a year ago, with desperate zeal, he was ready to lead his guys into battle, now he is a morally crushed man who is not capable of anything. Reilly realizes that you can no longer rely on Stanhope. He takes the initiative in his own hands and completely controls the situation. Suddenly, the army receives news of the approach of the enemy. How many of them? Thousands? Tens of thousands? March 21, 1918 will begin the largest attack in the history of the First World War ...

Franz (Frantz) 2016

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.1; IMDb - 7.5

“Franz” is a remake of the film “Unfinished Lullaby” (1932).

The film "Franz" among the list of feature films and documentaries about the First World War (1914-1918) is the most moving picture, where a sentimental audience will definitely shed a tear. Franz and Anna were in love with each other and were about to get married. But the First World War intervened in the quiet happiness of people in love, which destroyed the fate of many people. Young Franz went to the front, where he soon died. After the war ended, Anna began to visit the cemetery, where her lover was buried. One day she saw a young man who brought flowers to Franz’s grave. From that day on, her life began to change a lot ...

Goodbye up there (Au revoir là-haut) 2017

Rating: Kinopoisk - 7.2; IMDb - 7.5

It was originally planned that the actor Bully Lanners will play the role of Albert Mailar.

The picture will tell about the last days of the First World War. In the center of the film is Captain Pradel, for whom human life does not cost absolutely nothing. One day he sends to certain death the artist Eduard Periko and bank employee Albert Mailar. Edouard will save Albert, but he himself is seriously injured. His face turned into a bloody mess. The hero declares himself dead and hides his face under a mask.

Red Baron (Der rote Baron) 2008

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.9; IMDb - 6.4

The slogan of the picture is "The battle of heroes. The fall of empires. Birth of a legend."

Baron Manfred von Richthofen is one of the most famous pilots of the German Air Force. The young guy treats the war as a game, not paying attention to its bloody horrors. But when he begins to have warm feelings for nurse Kate, his opinion completely changes. Manfred understands that the government is using it as propaganda. He is imbued with an aversion to military events, but understands that he must fly again to this bloody massacre in order to win and ensure freedom for his loved ones.

The Forgotten Company (The Lost Battalion) 2001

Rating: Cinema Search - 6.9; IMDb - 7.1

The slogan of the film is "Victory is the path to immortality."

The film tells about the events that occurred in 1918. The Americans sided with the French and the British, who fought against Germany. One of the war days, Major Charles Wittlesi receives an order to hold an important point in the Argonne Forest. The army is in a fierce battle, suffers serious losses, but despite this, manages to occupy a strategically important facility. True, it turned out that they were far ahead of the offensive line and drove themselves into a death trap ...

Bird Song (Birdsong) 2012

Rating: Kinopoisk - 7.4; IMDb - 7.4

The painting is based on the work of the writer S. C. Folks.

The events of the film take place in the territory of old Europe, during the First World War. The main character of the picture, Stephen, along with his brothers in arms, is forced to fight in cold trenches with northern France. A young man is increasingly visited by memories of his love for a charming Frenchwoman. They cannot openly declare their feelings, as war is going on around. But the heroes are sure that after the end of military events, they will join hands and sincerely say: "I love you."

My Boy Jack 2007

Rating: Cinema Search - 7.0; IMDb - 7.2

Several scenes in the film were shot in a mansion that was built in the 17th century.

Rudyard Kipling is desperately looking for his son Jack, who joined the Irish forces and went to the military front. The irony of the situation is that Kipling himself zealously insisted that his son be recognized as fit for combat, despite his poor eyesight.

The African Queen 1951

Rating: Kinopoisk - 7.2; IMDb - 7.9

The mold tightening Charlie was made of rubber.

The film takes place in East Africa, in 1914. Captain Charlie is not averse to drinking strong gin and passing the time on the way to his native village, where Samuel and his sister Rosa are. It turns out that the horrors of war have reached African lands. German soldiers brutally kill Samuel, and Rosa is forced to flee with Charlie. The heroes constantly quarrel with each other, but this does not stop them from sailing along the river on a boat towards dangerous and romantic adventures ...

Interesting: "1917" is a new military drama with Benedict Cumberbatch.

The list of Russian and foreign films about the First World War pleases with its versatility; the top featured the best films that show that military conflicts have incredible disastrous consequences for people.