Lev Yashin: Goalkeeper of my dreams

Russian viewers have long been waiting for the creators to set a release date for the 2019 film “Lev Yashin: Goalkeeper of My Dreams” with famous actors, the trailer is presented below. According to the crew, the premiere will take place in October 2019 - it will be timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the world famous goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

The rating of movie expectations at KinoPoisk is estimated at 95%.



Genre: biography, drama

Producer: Vasily Chiginsky

Premiere: 2019 year

Cast: Alexander Fokin, Julia Hlynina, Alexey Guskov, Alexey Kravchenko, Evgeny Dyatlov, Vitaliy Khaev, Mikhail Eliseev, Yan Tsapnik, Alexander Samoilenko, Vladimir Andreev and others.

The fate of the legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin, who, despite all the difficulties, managed to become one of the greatest athletes in the world.


Little Leo always dreamed of becoming a striker in football, however, he was put on goal again and again, because the boy had no difficulty reaching any ball. And now the boy has already turned into an adult man: yes, he made mistakes, but constantly worked on himself and inexorably went to his goal. His main triumph came in the 50-60s of the 20th century, when the Leo team won one award after another. But here, at the World Championships, another fatal mistake happens, in which the goalkeeper is blamed. He turned away from him all, and life turns into a nightmare. But all this made him even stronger, allowed him to break into football with triumph and earn the main award - the Golden Ball.

Director and crew

The film was directed by Vasily Chiginsky, known about such projects as: “Sea Patrol 2”, “First after God”, “Mirror Wars: Reflection First”, “Moscow, I Love You!”.

Vasily Chiginsky

The authors of the script were Vladimir Valutsky ("Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Deadly Clash"), Oleg Kapanets ("Gagarin. First in Space", "Red Serpent"), Alexander Polozov ("Kamenskaya", "Goryunov"). Producer - Oleg Kapanets ("Gagarin. First in Space", "Mirror Wars: Reflection First", "Red Serpent").

In the photo Julia Hlynina and producer Oleg Kaplanets

Filming began in 2016, in the spring of 2019 there was a stage of completion: the editors are working on the last shots.

Actors and roles

The following cast took part in the film:

  • Alexander Fokin as Lev Yashin;
  • Julia Hlynina as Yashin’s wife (“The Law of the Stone Jungle”, “Mysterious Passion”, “Call DiCaprio!”, “All at once”, “Duelist”);
  • Alexei Guskov in the role of Mikhail Yakushin ("Saboteur 2: The End of the War", "Speckled", "Dunno on the Moon", "Turkish Gambit", "Taiga novel");
  • Alexey Kravchenko in the role of Alexei Khomich ("Team", "Go and See", "Special Forces", "Star", "One Life");
  • Evgeny Dyatlov in the role of Arkady Chernyshov (Life and Fate, Scream of Owls, Lost the Sun, Black Raven, White Guard);
  • Vitaly Khaev in the role of Alexander Ponomarev ("How I Became Russian", "Former", "Salute - 7", "Place on Earth", "Representing the Victim");
  • Mikhail Eliseev in the role of Gabriel Kachalin ("Sonya: Continuation of the legend", "Not with bread alone", "Major 2", "Scouts");
  • Jan Tsapnik in the role of a journalist (Loner, Nine Unknown, Chef 2, Under the Shower of Bullets, Perfect Marriage);
  • Alexander Samoilenko in the role of Mishurin (“Kings of the game”, “Salute - 7”, “Blue Nights”, “Fate of Mysterious Tomorrow”);
  • Vladimir Andreev in the role of the father of an official ("A Man Was Born", "The Tale of Tsar Saltan", "Good Morning", "Princess of the Circus", "Bastards"), etc.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The film’s consultants were relatives of the great football player, who approved Alexander Fokin for his role;
  • The creators promise a thorough transfer of the era of Lev Yashin to the smallest detail: football equipment, decorations, clothing, household items from the middle of the last century. Even original posters and match tickets of the time were found;
  • It is surprising that before about Lev Yashin, in spite of his legendary figure in Soviet history, not a single film was made.

The audience was waiting for a long trailer for the film “Lev Yashin: Goalkeeper of my dreams” with the release date in 2019 and famous actors, it was released on July 4, 2019. The film project tells about the life of the great goalkeeper: about its ups and downs, as well as about his main passion - football .