Zeroville (2019) - to Hollywood for a dream

James Franco continues to try himself as a director: now he introduced the world to the film "Zeroville" with a release date in 2019 and with famous actors, whose trailer has already been released. The world premiere of the film will take place on September 6, 2019, but in Russia it will be released earlier - on August 29, 2019.

The film project's expectation rating at KinoPoisk is estimated at 94%.



Genre: drama comedy

Producer: James Franco

World Release: September 6, 2019

Premiere in Russia: August 29, 2019

Cast: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jackie Weaver, Megan Fox, Joey King, Will Ferrell, Dave Franco, Danny McBride, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Craig Robinson and others.

The young man goes to Hollywood in the hope of becoming famous. But, as they say, the higher you rise, the more painful it is to fall.


The focus is on the story of Ike Jerome, a 24-year-old student studying for an architect, but, nevertheless, more than anything else in the world who loves cinema. The hero’s childhood was difficult, as the boy had to face the aggression of his own father, a religious fanatic, which is why Ike may seem autistic now. But still he reaches for his dream: the young man goes to Hollywood, hoping to subdue him. This succeeds, in large part thanks to his strange skull tattoo. Ike begins to work as a dresser, getting more and more attention, then he takes a new position as an editor. However, his path to the world of cinema ends in tragedy ...

Director and crew

Both the director and one of the main actors in this project was James Franco, who back in 2011 bought the rights to develop the film. The authors of the script were Paul Felten, Ian Olds ("When I Died"). The script is based on the original novel by Steve Erickson. Producers: Caroline Aragon ("When I was Dying", "Child of God"), Vince Jollivett ("Palo Alto", "My Name is Michael", "Monkey", "Woe-Creator"), Michael Mendelssohn ("Phoenix", "The Arms Baron", "My name is Michael", "Real Girls").

James franco

Actors and roles

Famous Hollywood actors starred in the film:

  • James Franco in the role of Vicar ("On Mice and People", "Hooligans and Nerds", "11.22.63", "127 Hours", "Spider-Man", "Woe-Creator");
  • Seth Rogen as a Viking ("Hooligans and Nerds", "League", "Woe-Creator", "Preacher", "Life is Beautiful", "Man of the Future");
  • Jackie Weaver in the role of Dottie ("My boyfriend is crazy", "Bird's box", "In wolf laws", "Voices", "Irreplaceable you");
  • Megan Fox as a Hollywood star ("New Girl", "Jennifer's Body", "Transformers");
  • Joey King in the role of Zazi ("Ramona and Bizus", "I would like to be here", "To leave beautifully", "Family weekend");
  • Will Ferrell in the role of Rondell ("Reckless", "Seller", "Cops in deep reserve", "Hello, dad, New Year!");
  • Dave Franco as Montgomery Clift ("The Illusion of Deception", "Woe-Creator", "The Heat of Our Bodies", "Nerve");
  • Danny McBride in the role of financier ("Head", "At the bottom", "All real girls", "When I was dying", "Catch in 30 minutes");
  • Thomas Ian Nicholas as Martin ("American Pie");
  • Craig Robinson ("Office", "Zack and Miri make porn", "Jacuzzi Time Machine").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • This is the third film where Franco is taken together;
  • The film was shot at the end of 2014. An independent distributor of Alchemy was about to release it, but the company soon declared bankruptcy;
  • Especially for the role of James Franco shaved baldly.

Perhaps the film “Zeroville” with the release date in 2019, with famous actors and a trailer available for viewing, will again bring the Golden Globe Award to James Franco, and maybe even an Oscar, because in the trailer the viewer can see how much well Franco conveys the image of Ike.