Russian films about the Second World War - TOP-10

What do you associate the word war with? With bloody battles, loss of friends and relatives, a constant sense of fear and insecurity, despair? Just imagine how a loving mother with tears in her eyes sends her only son to the front. What does she feel at this moment? A woman does not know whether her child will return alive. Every day she thinks about him and prays so that everything will be fine with him. If you want to watch films about historical events, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest military Russian films about the Great Patriotic War.

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Red dog


Russia, Belarus, USA

Genre: Drama, military

Producer: William de Vital

Release date: in the world - December 3, 2016, in Russia - February 23, 2017

Starring: M. Zhigalov, A. Volkov, O. Skoropad, T. Cherdyntseva, N. Dobrynin, V. Tolokonnikov

Rating: 7.7

The slogan of the film is "Everything is not human in the war."

The film tells about the division of service dogs, which were called "live mines." Hanged with explosives, the dogs went straight under the wheels of enemy tanks. They helped Soviet soldiers win the Great Patriotic War. Young guys with heartache hugged their faithful four-legged friends and sent them on their last journey ...

War of anna



Genre: Drama

Producer: Alexey Fedorchenko

Release date: in the world - January 28, 2018, in Russia - May 9, 2019

Starring: M. Kozlova, E. Partin

Rating: 7.1

Film critics were delighted with the play of the little actress Marta Kozlova, who at the time of filming was only 6 years old.

Little girl Anna is the only one who managed to survive when the Nazis came to the house and shot her whole family. The main character hides in an inactive fireplace and waits for the Soviet army to free the village from the Nazis. Surprisingly, Anna retained good human feelings in herself, despite the conditions in which she was. The girl warmly recalls her dead parents and her home. The heroine finds a new faithful friend who saves her from loneliness. The film tells how important it is to keep a person inside.

Foreign and domestic filmmakers present different versions of historical events. We recommend that you watch only Russian films-novelties about military intelligence and the war of 1941-1945.




Genre: Drama, the story

Producer: Andrey Konchalovsky

Release date: in the world - September 8, 2016, in Russia - January 19, 2017

Cast: Yu. Vysotskaya, P. Kurt, V. Sukhorukov, F. Duchenne, J. Roemer, G. Lenz, V. Voronkova

Rating: 6.7

The film crew constantly consulted with historians specializing in the Second World War during the filming of the film.

Russian immigrant Olga ends up in a concentration camp for hiding Jewish children. Once in prison, she is fond of the Frenchman Jules, who, in exchange for intimate services, is ready to mitigate the fate of the girl. Olga agrees to do everything to avoid painful torture, but here the fate of the heroine sharply turns upside down. She meets a German officer Helmut, who had previously been unrequitedly in love with her. He is the only chance to save a Russian girl.




Genre: Military drama

Producer: Konstantin Khabensky

Premiere: in the world - May 4, 2018, in Russia - May 3, 2018

Starring: K. Khabensky, K. Lambert, F. Yankell, S. Godin, R. Ageev, M. Olshanska, M. Kozhevnikova

Rating: 6.4

The working title of the film is "The Legend of Escape."

The Russian army, led by a Red Army officer Alexander Pechersky, falls into the Nazi camp Sobibor. The prisoners are going to organize an escape, but the Nazis are closely watching every movement of the prisoners, any careless movement - and immediately a knife in the throat. Security guards scoff at Soviet soldiers in every possible way - they are sent to gas chambers, beaten and taken away last valuables. Pechersky is ready to raise an uprising, because the Red Army is about to come from the east. Real chaos will begin soon. Will the heroes survive in this madness?

Military events put an end to the lives of many young men and women. How many tears of poor mothers were shed when they lost their children? If you want to find out how people lived during the period of hostilities, we suggest that you watch Russian feature films of films (2017-2018) about the 1941-1945 war.

Cold tango



Genre: Melodrama, military

Producer: Pavel Chukhrai

Release date: in the world - June 23, 2017, in Russia - June 22, 2017

Cast: R. Mukhametov, Yu. Peresild, K. Kahramanyan, S. Garmash, E. Nikandrov, V. Tkacheva

Rating: 6.1

The film was based on the book "Sell Your Mother."

An amazing and touching story of a young couple in love, whose happy future is broken about the reality of the Great Patriotic War. Maxim is sent to a Nazi camp, from where he miraculously manages to escape and return to his hometown. Once at home, he hopes to find his beloved Lyme, but then the terrible truth is revealed ...

Three days to spring



Genre: Military, Detective

Producer: Alexander Kasatkin

Premiere: in the world - November 2, 2017, in Russia - May 4, 2017

The main roles were played by: K. Pletnev, E. Lotova, E. Sidikhin, Yu. Itskov, V. Abashin, I. Grabuzov

Rating: 6.2

Most of the scenes were shot on the territory of the factory "Red Triangle", located in St. Petersburg.

The plot of the film tells about the events of the winter of 1942. Residents of Leningrad suffer from cold, lack of food and constant fear of being killed. But something even more terrible happens - the laboratory in which the deadly viruses were stored was blown up by a bomb. The epidemic is spreading throughout the city, almost every second is dying. In severe frost, the virus cannot spread, so Officer Andreev has only three days to stop the epidemic.

What heroic deeds did the soldiers commit to not only save loved ones, but also to protect their homeland? To answer this question, we suggest watching the latest films about the WWII 1941-1945 - during the Great War, each soldier was ready to cover his comrade with his body and catch a bullet for him. Our heroes were brave and courageous!

We will not say goodbye



Genre: Military drama

Producer: Pavel Drozdov

Release Date in Russia - June 21, 2018

Starred in the film: A. Merzlikin, A. Chekhov, A. Vakha, E. Beroev, Yu. Kuznetsov, D. Omaev

Rating: 5.7

Almost all the shooting took place at a temperature of minus 30 degrees.

The German army is approaching Kalinin with a powerful front. Only 2,000 Soviet fighters remained in the city, who were forced to confront without tanks and artillery. Help should arrive just in time, but the Nazis are ready to do everything to prevent this from happening. Meanwhile, Major Pavel Sysoev is trying to maintain order in the city, but the residents have nothing to lose, they are ready to organize a riot. In addition, the townspeople suspect Sysoev of involvement in the German army.




Genre: Military, History, Drama

Producer: Konstantin Maksimov

Release date: in the world - January 22, 2019, in Russia - October 25, 2018

Starred in the film: A. Chernyshov, V. Epifantsev, O. Fomin, S. Gorobchenko, O. Pogodina, N. Dobrynin, V. Sedykh

Rating: 5.5

Garik Sukachev performed one of the songs for the film.

The film tells about the real events that occurred at the beginning of World War II. The crew of the KV-1 tank, led by Semyon Konovalov, took an unequal battle against the German army. Only one Soviet tank was able to knock down 16 German and 8 trucks. This film tells about ordinary guys who just wanted to live happily, but at a crucial and crucial moment they clenched their will into a fist and accomplished a heroic feat.

Russian filmmakers annually delight fans of military cinema, releasing spectacular adaptations. Be sure to check out the latest films about the Great Patriotic War to see the scope of global scenes and hear amazing musical accompaniment.

Seven pairs of unclean



Genre: Action, drama

Producer: Kirill Belevich

Release Date in Russia - December 6, 2018

Cast: Yu. Borisov, M. Vorozhi, T. Tribuntsev, V. Mishchenko, M. Yevlanov, A. Vershinin

The shooting took place on board the real ship.

Lieutenant Crash falls on a ship that carries weapons and convicts-builders. Security guards hate prisoners and at the first opportunity do not mind snapping. The prisoners no longer have the strength to endure, they are preparing an uprising. What could be worse than a riot on the high seas? But now they have a common enemy. We'll have to forget about previous grievances and join forces to fight back and emerge victorious.

War drama "Seven Unclean Couples."

On the threshold of love



Genre: Military, melodrama

Producer: Vitaliy Babenko

Release Date in Russia - May 8, 2018

Actors: K. Zaporizhsky, A. Postnikova, A. Klyukvin, Yu. Loparev, A. Divina, A. Telitsyna

Vitaly Babenko directed the 12-episode series Hercules.

Two girls are in love with handsome Nikolai at once: the chairman’s daughter, Anya, and Katya, a long-time childhood friend. The young guy gave his heart to Anya and was about to marry her, when suddenly the fathers of the two girls had a big argument, as a result of which the wedding was not destined to take place. The conflict is interrupted by the outbreak of war. Nikolai leaves to defend his homeland, but is captured by the Germans, from where he manages to escape miraculously. Returning to his native village, Nikolai tries to find Anya and Katya. Girls are ready to help the guy, but past grievances let know about the set ...

Military films are watched in a special way. You feel pride in the great Russian people who went through difficulties, suffering and hardship. We will never know what the soldiers experienced during the war, but if you want to look at it from the side, we advise you to get acquainted with the latest Russian war movies about the Great Patriotic War.

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