The premiere of the thriller "Retribution Time"

On March 14, 2019, the Russian premiere of the film Destroyer with Nicole Kidman in the title role was a heartbreaking drama about the fate of a policewoman who decided to take revenge on her old offenders and restore justice. But you won’t run away from the past, and old mistakes will sooner or later overtake you anyway ...

Review "Time for Retribution" - severe Nicole Kidman.

See the thriller and for the sake of the incredible transformation of Nicole Kidman, this is definitely one of the best roles in her career. According to the actress herself, in order to get used to the image of the main character, she spent a lot of energy, time and nerves:

“Being in the image of Erin, I began to move in a different way, my behavior and even the train of thought changed. I can’t say that immersion in this role was a very pleasant experience. ”

The trailer for the crime thriller Time for Retribution by female director Karin Kusama can be seen below.

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