Restarting "Nightmare on Elm Street"

Recently it became known that the film company New Line Cinema is going to launch the new film "A Nightmare on Elm Street" in 2019. Note that the old remake, which was shot relatively recently - in 2010, received a lot of negative reviews from fans and fans of the franchise.

Return to Elm Street

Drew's daughter begins to suffer from nightmares, and then he again has to face nightmares from his past - terrible memories and old classmates. After all, the daughter needs to be saved from the ghost from Elm Street, and already put an end to this strange story.

This franchise is a series of films about Freddy Krueger, a killer who penetrates the dreams of children and adolescents. The first film, A Nightmare on Elm Street, was released in 1984 in the genre of a thriller-slasher, and entered the top ten scariest films in the history of cinema. It was directed by Wes Craven. The box office with a movie budget of $ 1.8 million amounted to as much as 25 and a half million dollars, which is a good indicator of the recognition of the film from the audience.

Critics praised the film and how skillfully it conveys the blurred boundaries between reality.

The plot of the 1984 film

The plot tells about teens in whose dreams a mysterious person with a deified face and a glove equipped with blades penetrates his dreams, who is trying to kill them. Moreover, if in a dream you get any abrasion or cut - it manifests itself in reality. It becomes known that the mysterious person is Freddy Krueger, the killer of children whom his embittered parents had burned for several years, and now his spirit is beginning to take revenge. Girl Nancy is desperately trying to confront him, and even pulls Freddy out of sleep into reality. Will she be able to win this deadly battle?

The main actor in the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street" in 1984 was Roberd Inglund, who later played in several parts of the franchise. It is known that in the remake of 2010 he did not participate, as he officially refused the role in 2003. Robert was nominated for a Saturn Award for his role as a serial killer.

Also in the thriller was Heather Langenkamp, ​​who played the brave girl Nancy confronting the villain, and Johnny Depp, who played the young man Nancy.

The film is a debut for Johnny Depp, who later became a famous and popular actor.

It is noteworthy that the film company New Line Cinema has another profitable franchise - "The Spell", which brought her more box office than films from Freddy.

Footage from the shoot, 2018

However, the release date of the new film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (2019) is still unknown, but the project is progressing at full speed. Let's hope that it turns out worthy and will be performed in the spirit of old thriller films.

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