January 15 and 16 - Serebrennikov’s new performance “Akhmatova. Poem without a hero”

The latest news for today is about the director Kirill Serebrennikov: the performance of Alla Demidova and Kirill Serebrennikov based on the work of Anna Akhmatova "Akhmatova. Poem without a hero" will be shown on the stage of the Gogol Center.

The age limit is 16+.

Kirill Serebrennikov is a Russian director of theater and cinema, and now the artistic director of the Moscow Gogol Center theater, winner of many awards, including the Order of Art and Literature, the degree of commander and the Stanislavsky International Prize. He received the greatest number of prizes at the Kinotavr festival, and also earned many international awards. His productions include:

  • performances "Thugs", "Dead Souls", "Idiots";
  • ballet "Nureyev".

And in the cinema he became famous for such projects as: "St. George's Day" (2008), "Treason" (2012), "Pupil" (2016).

The performance "Poem without a hero" on the stage of the Gogol Center will be shown on January 15 and 16. Previously, it was already held there, as well as on the stage of the Bolshoi Drama Theater in St. Petersburg.

The “Poem Without a Hero” will be a so-called one-man show, since almost all the main time on stage will be allocated to Alla Demidova. The production is already the third in the project called "Star". All the performances in this project are different, but the creators dedicated them to the most famous poets of the Silver Age and their lives (performances about Osip Mandelstam and Boris Pasternak have already been performed).

Musical accompaniment for the play was written by Alexander Boldachev. The structure of the play included not only Akhmatova’s works, but also a book about The Poem, written by the actress herself. She worked on it for many years.

Anna Akhmatova herself worked on the poem for 20 years, and it was completed almost before the death of the poetess - in 1962, and published after her death - in 1976. The poem describes the pre-revolutionary era, the youth of Akhmatova and the beginning of her literary path.

The poem is complex and confessional. But Alla Sergeevna was able to convey all the subtleties and atmosphere of those years, for which she received an award as the best dramatic actress of the season.

Alla Demidova - Soviet and Russian actress, poetess, teacher. It went down in the history of Russian cinema as "one of the most wonderful and stylish Russian actresses." To this day, she continues to delight us not only with playing on the stage, but also in films. Her most famous roles in the performances are: the production of Yuri Beloved “Hamlet, where she played Gertrude; the play“ Electra ”,“ Fedra. ”Famous films with her participation:“ The Living Corpse ”(1968),“ The Mirror ”(1974),“ The Eternal ” return "(2012).

According to the actress herself, when she tried to decipher the poem, she found thousands of reflections in it, such as we see in the mirror. Therefore, she realized that literally it would not work to decrypt it, and the main thing in it was the cultural layer of the era of the USSR.

The audience left only good reviews about the performance, largely thanks to the play of Alla Sergeevna and the director's production, without which the anxious mood and atmosphere of Anna Akhmatova’s life would not have been born on the stage.

Today, the performance of Kirill Serebrennikov's “Poem without a Hero” is one of the latest news in the theater world, which impresses with its high-quality work and excellent acting by the beautiful actress Alla Demidova. We advise you to visit the Gogol Center on January 15 or 16 if you have not watched it yet. The theatrical production will leave you very impressed and will force you to rethink not only the works of Anna Akhmatova, but also your own life.

Watch the video: "Поэма без Героя" - Kseniya Simonova - "Poem without a Hero" (November 2019).