What about love (what about love)

Soon, fans of the movie star Sharon Stone will be able to see the actress in the cinemas of the country - the long-awaited premiere of the touching film "How about Love" will be held in 2019. What about love - This is a joint project of the USA, Romania, Spain and Italy.

The picture by Klaus Menzel tells about the main thing: about relations between people and generations, about fragile and deep feelings, about such a simple but such complex life.

Story line

The plot was based on the story of a young girl Tanner, born in the family of a senator. She meets her love - she becomes a pretty and budding student director Christian, who makes documentaries.

A beautiful and romantic couple breaks off due to an accident. At a time when a car accident occurs, Tanner's parents travel to Europe, hoping that a change of scenery will solve at least part of their internal family problems. The misfortune that happened to her daughter makes her parents give up everything to be with her and reconsider their life. The girl’s father, Peter, will have to think: did you really need a career and ambition? A beautiful and spectacular mother, Linda, needs to remember that she is in no way inferior to her husband.


The heartbreaking drama What About Love brought together actors who shone in the 80-90s of the last century:

The wonderful game of the ageless beauty Sharon Stone and the unsurpassed Andy Garcia can not leave the audience indifferent. The work of the actors in tandem makes you immerse yourself in the plot completely and completely. Perhaps, there is no person of a conscious age who would not know the Hollywood actress and her outstanding roles in the iconic films "Remember Everything", "Casino", "Basic Instinct".

Andy Garcia, who broke a lot of female hearts with his role as Amadeo Modigliani and playing in all parts of Ocean Friends, looks great in the role of the full ambition of US Senator Peter.


The film "How about Love" is the second directorial work of Klaus Menzel. His first project was a joint British-German thriller "Charm", which was filmed in 2004. After 15 years, Menzel decided to try himself in a different genre.

Klaus Menzel - filming process

Interesting Facts:

  1. Earlier, Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia did not work in tandem on the set, but more than once took part in joint projects. So, the media for a long time discussed their trip to Tbilisi in 2011. Hollywood actors then took part in the magnificent presentation of the controversial film by Renny Harlin, "Five Days of August." Stone and Garcia were invited by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. It was him who was played by Andy in the film about the Georgian-Russian conflict;
  2. It is also unexpected, but true: fans of the Game of Thrones series should watch the melodrama, especially to those who cherish the fearless Jorah Mormont. The thing is that the film involves the actor Ian Glen, whom you can admire in a new way;
  3. The soundtrack for the film was created by Peter Schlosser, famous viewers and listeners on the reckless British-American series "You, Me and the End of the World."

The filmography of Sharon Stone was replenished in 2019 with another wonderful film, which, according to critics, will take its rightful place in the world of cinema. The world release date is set for February 15, 2019. Currently, only a melodrama trailer is available for domestic viewers.

Watch the video: Heart - What About Love? Official Music Video (November 2019).