Guilty (Den skyldige)

Very soon, the results of 2018 in the film industry will be summed up. And they will be announced February 24, 2019 at the Dolby Theater (Hollywood, Los Angeles), at the Academy Awards. Shortlists have already been compiled, which included the best films of 2018. Including, the film “The Guilty” 2018 was included there.

January 21, 2018, at the Sundance Film Festival, Guilty was shown, announced by the Danish film companies Nordisk Film and New Danish Screen. Russian viewers have yet to see the film “Den skyldige” in good quality, because the release date for online cinemas is scheduled for January 10, 2019.

You can watch the movie “Guilty” in online cinemas in high quality.


Den skyldige


Genre: thriller, drama, crime

A country: Denmark

Producer: Gustav Möller

Premiere: in the world - January 21, 2018, in Russia - August 24, 2018, digital release - January 10, 2019

The rating of the picture is estimated at 6.8 according to KinoPoisk, and according to IMDb - 7.7. The age limit is 18+.

The trailer for the movie Guilty of 2018 is currently available. You can watch it both in the original Danish language (in the player below), focusing on subtitles, and in Russian.

"The Guilty" - Rtelephone abduction investigation

The plot is noteworthy in that the action takes place in real time in one room. The protagonist is a brilliant policeman, Asger Holm, who was temporarily transferred to the post of rescue service operator while the trial is ongoing. The scene is Zealand, one of the administrative areas in Denmark.

The responsibilities of the operator include: to receive a call, to understand the situation and inform the ambulance or the police, depending on the type of incident. On one of the typical days, which were never full of variety, Asger receives a strange call from a certain young woman - the database defines her as Iben. Iben tries to pretend that he is talking with his child, but the main character realizes that she was abducted, and takes on her own independent investigation to save Iben.

The kidnapper, in one short phrase, makes it clear to the protagonist that he should not "get into it." It soon becomes clear that this is not a standard abduction, and should look as deep as possible into details to find answers to all questions of interest in the case. The more time passes, the clearer it becomes that it will be difficult to save the stolen, so you can not spend a single precious minute. In the course of the plot, not only terrible circumstances and secrets of the abduction are revealed, but also the secret of Asger himself. Who is to blame and can a policeman save a woman?

Throughout the film, a heavy, gloomy and oppressive atmosphere is felt; this atmosphere is also supported by dark color correction. This exciting thriller will definitely speed up your pulse and masterfully build up tension, and if you are a lover of such paintings that excite the blood and trembling nerves, a lover of unexpected turns, then you will definitely like this picture and you should highly appreciate it.


Critics also did not remain indifferent to the picture: the film “Guilty” 2018 received, for the most part, only positive reviews.

His average rating on the Rotten Tomatoes website was 7.9 / 10, and his approval rate was as high as 99%; on the Metacritic aggregator, the rating was 83 out of 100 - all this means that the picture was recognized at the highest level.

He became one of the most visible films of independent European cinema in 2018 and collected an impressive collection of awards and nominations at 10 international film festivals, including the audience award - drama (World Cinema program).

Guilty is an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film in 2019. He was also nominated for the Satellite Award in the same area.

Jacob Södergren and film director Gustav Möller

Film work

The film was the first for the Danish director Gustav Meller. The script was made by the director himself and Emil Nigard Albertsen.

The main role in the film was played by Jacob Sodergren, whose acting work was highly appreciated. It is noteworthy that in the film we see only directly him, and the rest of the actors (Jessica Dinnazh, Omar Shargavi, Johan Olsen, Jacob Ulrik Lohmann and others) hear only voices.

Not so long ago, it became known that the shooting of the American remake will soon start, where the famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal will play the main role.

Is the victim always innocent and the kidnapper a villain? No wonder the thriller earned so many prizes, because it attracts an unusual plot and tense atmosphere, forcing, without distraction, to watch it, watching the heroes and, along with the police, peer into the details in search of the guilty one. Soon the movie "Guilty" of 2018 will be available in high quality. And we can only hope that he will indeed win such an important award for the entire film industry as the Oscar.

Watch the video: The Guilty - Trailer (November 2019).