18 famous photographers and their masterpieces

Tim Mentoani from the United States specializes in photographing the outstanding contemporary instantists. As part of his work, he created the Behinde Photogrfs project. For shooting, the master used a 20x24-inch Polaroid camera. The goal of Tama is to show the world the authors of famous photographs that always remain on the other side of the lens.

Steve McCurry"Afghan woman"

Jeff Widener"Unknown rebel"

Harry benson"The Beatles"

Lyle Owerco"9/11"

Mary Ellen Mark"Sprechstalmeister with an elephant"

Thomas D. Mangelsen"Brown bear"

David Dabilet"Circle of Barracuda"

May pang"John Lennon"

Neil Leifer"Mohammed Ali vs. Sonny Liston"

Vincent Laforet"Me and my people"

Bob Gruen"John Lennon"

Elliott Erwitt"Two dogs and the owner"

Laurie Grinker"Mike Tyson"

Nick Ut"Attack by napalm in Vietnam"

Herman Leonard"Jazz musician"

Douglas Kirkland"Marilyn Monroe"

Karl FisherMohammed Ali