Dorisui Barsika: test for creativity

There is a well-known test for determining creative abilities, when you need to draw various elements to geometric shapes or place them in a picture. This time, the artists went further and proposed a sitting cat as the basis for the experiments. What came of it, see for yourself.

Do not disturb! I am reading a bookWith a breeze on a skateboardI train a beautiful waistFly to the coven?"Everyones go here, then galoshes disappear"I am a supermodelWant to be the best swimmer? Follow me!Life is an eternal choiceSpice meditationThin and gracefulKoshoshvabraDay 33. They still suspect nothing.Now Barsik in spaceCount DraculaWhy didn’t anyone think of this?Caramel ball of cat, pleaseWhat’s on our nose? That's right - catI do not sushi!KotoparikSantacot

Template for creating drawings with Barsik