5 new British TV shows you should watch

The series, filmed in the vastness of Great Britain and with the participation of British actors, have long been respected. Can you recall at least a couple of second-rate British TV shows? But Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Sharp Peaks - has long been on everyone's lips, and they can be watched without any problems in any online movie theater, for example //hdfilm-serial.com. What new series under the UK brand were released in 2017? We have chosen for you the five most interesting.

Steel Star / Tin Star

The series premiered in early September. The story revolves around former detective Jim Worth, who is moving from the capital of Great Britain to a small provincial town. The task of an elderly Jim is to put things in order here. But the criminal hell breaks into his life, crushing everything in its path.

Alkion / The Halcyon

This series, the show which started back in January, will throw you in the forties of the last century. While the whole world is shaking from bloodshed and cruelty, the Alkion Hotel has its own atmosphere, full of carelessness and idle frivolity. What is it - a feast during the plague or an island of oblivion, where you can at least for a moment forget about the monstrous war unfolding around the world?


A lawyer, studying bales of court papers, finds a mistake. If according to her calculations everything is correct, then more than ten years ago, a British court sentenced an innocent person to jail, accusing him of killing an underage girl. The woman is trying to prove her case, but justice remains deaf to her arguments.

White Gold

In the yard - the eighties. In the frame are employees of the sales department of a large company. The main character is a cool seller Vincent, who is ready for anything to bring the deal to an end. Critics call this series a good office sitcom that moves a modern spectator, spoiled by progress, thirty years ago.

Rebels / Revolting

The first season, consisting of only five episodes, was shown in January of this year. And there is no talk of continuing filming. However, this is not an indicator of the quality of the series. If you decide to spend the next weekend watching this series, then get ready for a flurry of sketches and rallies in which the problems of modern countries and the vices of famous personalities are ridiculed.