7 films made in an unusual way

Cinema is an art, and, as you know, it does not tolerate any framework and limitations. The times when all the films corresponded to the classic scenario decisions have long passed. Now directors are free to express themselves as they want. We have selected for you eight films shot using an unconventional method. Enjoy watching!

Death online

The film "Death on the Web" is built on unexpected screamers that scare the viewer at the moment when he expects this least. It is not surprising that it is popular with avid adrenaline rumors who adore fear as an emotion and squeeze all the pleasure out of such unexpected moments.

The viewer is scared along with the main characters, but even when the film ends, there remains an oppressive feeling and the expectation of something bad and terrifying. The action of the film develops in the chat, so using the computer after watching it becomes even more interesting ...

Out of myself

Sawyer Valentini is a young woman suffering from neurosis and paranoia. She has a difficult past, because of which she is locked up in a hospital for mentally ill people. There she will have to face all her fears, not realizing whether they are real or not.

The director of this film is Stephen Sodenberg. He decided to make a movie on the iPhone in order to accurately convey the atmosphere of the storyline and each event separately. Close-ups help to see the heroine as close as possible, taking to the heart what is happening to her. “Amateur” filming helps create a sense of persecution, because Sawyer is paranoid, convinced that every step is followed.

Shooting on the iPhone helped create a truly impressive and even shocking psychological trailer. Viewers are sure that shooting on professional equipment would not convey what they managed to record on the smartphone’s camera.


Not so long ago, the film "Project" Florida "was released, which made a splash and became an invariable participant in the award season. The director who shot this masterpiece of our time, Sean Baker, who believes that cinema is not professional equipment at all.

To shoot the film "Mandaric" Baker used three iPhone 5 smartphones in order to make the picture as realistic and able to cause an emotional response from the viewer by displaying the routine of everyday life. The simpler the film is made, the closer it is to those who watch it.

But Baker did not stop at the lack of professional equipment. He preferred non-professional actors to the main roles, considering that they most naturally look in the frame.


The plots that unfold on the laptop screen are rapidly gaining popularity. Experts believe that they have every chance to take their place among the genres.

This is not surprising, because modern people can not imagine their life without social networks, endless chat conversations, and dating sites. Today, you can learn a lot by simply following someone on Instagram.

The plot of the movie "Search" is based on the fact that the girl disappears, and the father decides to look at her laptop, look for information about her on social networks, hoping for valuable clues that can advance the investigation. He wants to believe that the search will succeed. But is he ready for the information that can be found on social networks of a teenage girl?


Timur Bekmambetov also decided to try his hand at laptop thrillers and shot the movie "Profile".

Emmy Whittaker is an ambitious British journalist who, in the pursuit of sensation, decided to pretend to be a girl who converted to Islam and meet a recruiter into terrorists. She did not even suspect that the Pakistani would be charming and able to find a common language with her. Without noticing it, the woman was imbued with his provocative, extremist ideas and set foot on a path that could very well lead to a real tragedy ...

Bekmambetov believes that such a format not only fascinates the viewer, but also makes him watch the plot intensely, noting every detail, and feeling involved in what is happening. The viewer can literally feel like the protagonist of this story, because the monitor has the same icons, windows and applications that it uses in everyday life.

When you watch a laptop thriller, you understand that the screen is not protection at all, but rather the opposite. That is why the viewer is in a vulnerable position, feels adrenaline caused by outbreaks of fear.


Ilya Naishuller is an innovator in the Russian action movie, who managed to bring something completely new to the classic genre. More recently, critics praised him for his unconventional approach to his film called "Hardcore", which is very popular.

The main feature of the movie "Hardcore" is that you see the picture in the first person. It turns out that the viewer is the main character of the events taking place in the plot. Ilya wanted to transfer the aesthetics of computer games to the movies, which he managed to achieve brilliantly.

The main character does not speak, practically does not interact with other people in any way, but acts as a perfect killer who never doubts his decisions. He kills again and again to get to the enemy, who could become a worthy adversary and give a qualitative rebuff.

For the atmosphere, Knightshuller decided to bring into the film sharp camera movements, specific sounds, as well as "gaming" stage scenes, familiar to all avid gamers.


Stephen Soderberg directed the interactive series Mosaic. Sounds extremely interesting, doesn't it? In order for the viewer to make decisions and directly participate in the plot, the series was released as an application for mobile devices with touch screens. Each person who decides to get acquainted with this project can personally manage the hero, decide who and how will act in a particular situation, observe various finals. Great, isn't it?

Soderberg’s task was to sense the involvement of the viewer. According to the director, this project should cause a lively response in people. The plot is laconic, there are few characters, which allows you to develop them as you please and observe the consequences of the selected decisions.

You should not think that this series is entertainment for one evening. The creators tried to make it as eventful as possible with dynamic events, references to the past, and a complex structure so that the viewer really enjoyed what was happening on the small screen of the smartphone.

Soderberg believes that it is precisely such TV shows and films that the future holds. What do you think?