Characters of our youth. 7 series of two thousandth

How to determine a person’s age without asking how old he is on the forehead? It is enough to start a conversation about movies and TV shows of a specific period of time. Who was your favorite character in Simple Truths? You, too, after school rushed home with all your might, so as not to miss the fresh series of "Wild Angel"? Did you watch the "Sorcerer"? The other day, Lastmag team staged a brainstorming session and compiled a list of 7 TV shows from the nineties to two thousandths that everyone watched (or at least heard about them) for sure. Unless, of course, you were born after zero.

Simple Truths (1999-2003)

A series about the life of adolescents. All events unfold in the corridors and classes of the most ordinary Moscow school. The situations in which the main characters fall - high school students, are familiar to each of us. That is why the series instantly became popular throughout the country. Unrequited love, theft charges, big and small pranks, bad grades ... If you revise the series now, many years after graduation, then you will inevitably be covered with nostalgia for those times. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

It's a thousand times cooler than the once fashionable Twilight movie. The series tells the story of a high school student named Buffy, who, together with her family, moves from the bustling large Los Angeles to a small quiet town. Everything is as usual, but Buffy is not just a pretty blonde, who has to join the new team. She is the chosen one, who faces more serious tasks. For example, to save the world from evil and evil.

The Wizard (1995)

Get ready to go back a quarter century. This, of course, is not “Game of Thrones” with its most powerful special effects, but a series about the parallel world and sorcerers that is quite good for its time. Oh yes, forget about the most important thing! This is a Polish-Australian series with Polish actors. How much do you know of good Polish TV shows? So do not miss the opportunity to see what the Poles invented there. If this season comes to you, then be sure to see the sequel - The Wizard: The Land of the Great Dragon.

Wild Angel (1998-1999)

Milagros, Cholito, Carlitos - for those who grew up in the nineties, this is not just a set of letters. Every second recorded a series of "Wild Angel" on videotapes to review them over and over again. And the song Cambio Dolor! How many girls around the world grimaced in front of a mirror with deodorant in their hands, imitating a microphone and singing along to Natalia Oreiro! This series needs no introduction and description. And even if you know it by heart, it’s not a sin to review a couple of episodes. A sea of ​​nostalgia spilling onto your heads is provided.

The X-Files (1993, filmed 11 seasons)

If you watch this series now, then numerous scenes with aliens cause only a grin. Yeah, how can you scare us with these shots! After “Very Strange Things” and “Darkness”, we are not afraid of anything else. But his hands still reach for the play button to once again review the adventures of two FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, who are investigating undisclosed cases related to paranormal events. Oh, classic!

Cadetism (2006-2007)

The domestic film industry rarely gives out good series, especially about the lives of children and adolescents. "Cadetism" is a pleasant exception to the rule. The series tells about 14-year-old boys who, for various reasons, are cadets of the Suvorov school. Each of them has its own story: there is also a rich bully who was sent to school for re-education, there is also a son of the military, for whom the cadet fraternity is a continuation of family traditions. Not all of them will connect their lives with military service. But they will become real people for sure.

Helen and the guys (1992-1994)

The series for those born in the seventies and eighties. If you were born later, then we sympathize with you: you missed one of the coolest series about student life. Actions unfold in France. The plot focuses on a group of guys and girls who study at the university, live in a student hostel and play in a music group. Easy, unobtrusive plot, after which again I want to plunge into the days of college.

And which series of the nineties and two thousandths did you watch? Share with us in the comments. Who knows, maybe a new interesting selection is coming from your answers 🙂

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