10 cool films to be released this year

Movie premieres pass you by? In the bustle of working days you do not have time to follow the events in the world of cinema? This year you have only been to the movies a couple of times (or didn’t you go there at all)? Want to see a new movie, but don't feel like wasting time on a dummy movie? Then you looked at the address. In our selection today, we’ve reviewed 10 new high-rated films that were released this year.



A piercing and vibrant story about one of the most unique musicians of his time - Elton John. More recently, director Dexter Fletcher worked on the Oscar-winning "Bohemian Rhapsody", and this year he again released a real masterpiece.

The film vividly and interestingly talks about the formation of a world-class star and shows what has become its source of inspiration and driving force. The great drama of the musician originates from childhood, and the picture about him raises many sharp and very personal questions.

Dog life 2

A dog's journey

A fresh sequel to the popular and highly successful film "Dog's Life", which became the continuation of the history of numerous reincarnations of one dog. Despite this, the film turned out to be completely independent, so it will be great even for those who have not watched the first part.

This time in the center of the plot is the granddaughter of the protagonist of the previous film - Ethan. It is she who will become the object of affection for a dog named Bailey. He is again waiting for a series of rebirths, but he is ready for anything to stay next to the girl.



A film from a Korean director who broke a fifteen-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. The picture tells about an absolutely poor Korean family in which no one works. They live in the basement, eat haphazardly and stack cardboard pizza boxes to earn at least some pennies.

Suddenly, fate smiles at them, and the whole family is hired to work in a rich house. The rich living in luxury are their exact opposite, but it turns out that they have a lot of secrets ...

Lion king

The lion king

One of the most anticipated paintings of this year is a fresh remake of the famous and beloved Disney cartoon. What awaits the viewer in the new version? A breathtakingly realistic picture, beautiful music and the same drama that broke our children's hearts in the distant 90s.

The plot is slightly modified, but the essence remains the same. The little lion cub Simba, the son of the wise and just king Mufasa, tragically lost his father and was accused of his death. Now power was in the clutches of the king’s evil brother, Scar. Can young Simba resist the villain and take the place of his dad?



The protagonist of this folk horror has recently become orphaned and is very worried about the death of her parents. Together with her boyfriend, she goes to the very depths of Sweden - a secluded and cut off village from the world, to meet local people, study their traditions and culture.

Residents of the settlement are preparing for the annual holiday - the summer solstice. This event is always associated with mysticism, so the heroes will find many strange and inexplicable things and the real horrors of the pagan cult.



This year is very rich in remakes of iconic Disney cartoons, and Aladdin is another very successful project. The wonderfully shot and designed musical is great for both children and adults who want to enjoy the good story from childhood again.

The plot of the film, of course, is based on the animated film of the same name. All the action takes place in Agrab, and the main character is a young, agile and very successful thief Aladdin. Once on the street he saw the charming princess Jasmine, who will forever steal his heart. This meeting will be the beginning of incredible adventures.

A meter apart

Five Feet Apart

The film shows a beautiful love story of two young people who should not be closer to each other than one and a half meters. They can neither hug, nor even touch - it threatens them with death. It's all about a serious illness and a dangerous infection.

Young lovers joke a lot and make fun of each other, talk and cynically talk about life and death. The inability to approach does not prevent their feelings from flaring up more and more, but can this love have a future?

Pain and glory

Dolor y gloria

In the center of the plot of the new film masterpiece, the talented but aging filmmaker Salvador Mallo is in the midst of an existential crisis. He is tormented by illness, he can no longer work, but only in this did he see the meaning of his existence. He looks more and more into the past, and he is visited by vivid memories of love, the search for happiness, achievement of success.

Woven from many stories, the film turned out to be multifaceted and very personal. Director Pedro Almodovar himself wrote the script and, of course, the plot is mainly based on his personal memories and experiences.

Family fast

Instant family

This kind comedy can perfectly brighten up a cozy family evening. The main characters Pete and Ellie are a typical American family. They do not have their own children - instead of thinking about offspring, they built a career and developed a business. Now they seriously decided to acquire offspring and adopt a child.

Instead of one, they immediately had three children, and the heroes are clearly not ready for the burden of responsibility that suddenly fell on them. Now the whole family is waiting for a long period of "grinding" and many comical situations.

The way home

A dog's way home

A good story from the writers of "Dog Life" tells about the adventures of a small dog and will definitely appeal to all lovers of films about our smaller brothers.

Puppy Bella was given up for raising a family and ended up several hundred kilometers from her first owner. She cannot survive the separation from him, so she escapes and goes in search of Lucas. Her way home will be very difficult - more than once the dog will have to face mortal danger. Spectators of her adventures will make me feel cool throughout the entire film.

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